I bought a new home that had absolutely no landscaping to speak of other than a thin layer of sod on construction fill. I contacted Cesar Beltran in hopes that I could get some ideas of what to do with a very unsightly (and potentially dangerous) entry walkway to my home, plus I wanted to know how I could incorporate color while being environmentally conscious. Cesar spent several hours with me to learn my likes and dislikes, discussing ideas and providing solutions to some very problematic areas. He was very patient with me, changed my plans several times and ultimately provided me with a plan that I could install in stages and as my budget allowed. Not only did he create a beautiful and aesthetic design for my yard, he also gave me several pictures of work he had completed elsewhere along with a booklet that provided color photographs of the plants in the design so I could have a visual of the plants I’d be installing. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be calling Cesar again as I work through the numerous stages of incorporating his design into my landscape. I highly recommend him to anyone meeting a challenge or just wanting a pleasant view from any vantage point of their home.

Robbie S., Georgetown, TX

Robbie S,