I want to reiterate how very pleased we are with the work you’ve done at our home. We started with a fairly simple plan to refresh the front plantings, and moved on from there to install curved brick walls and beautiful plantings that have year-round interest, creating a stunning courtyard entry that has neighbors stopping to let us know how beautiful they think it is!

It has been so refreshing to work with someone like you who is a total craftsman, taking pride in creating a beautiful design, and then following up with ensuring the end result is not only pleasing, but also lasting. ?You always followed the planting with a test of the irrigation system, working with every phase of the installation to ensure a lasting result.
In these days of slapdash tradesmen, it is so refreshing to find someone like you who takes pride in his work! We look forward to a long and pleasant relationship with you!
Ed G., Austin, TX

Ed G.