With water becoming an ever more precious resource here in central Texas – does this mean we can no longer feature it in our greenscapes? The answer is no! We just have to be smarter in how we feature it, and how we use it in our landscaping.

Considering adding a pond or other water feature? Let us help you to find the right solution that gives you the relaxing sound of water without the high pricetag and maintenance nightmare of an inefficient water feature. For example, a recirculating water feature can add the sound of water and provide your birds and butterflies with the water they need to survive –

In the photo above, we’ve drilled through a solid rock boulder to create a one of kind landscaping feature – water bubbling from the stone! But the water is cleverly recollected unseen underneath the rock and then reused again and again –

Let us craft a water feature worth of one of central Texas’ most precious resources! Call us today for a no-obligation quote.

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